Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Victorian Restraint: Innocence Bound NOW UP FOR SALE!

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Curvy Charlotte Havenworth never thought she'd be married, let alone wooed and proposed to by the handsome and fabulously rich Lord Meath. She accepts his offer of marriage along with his warning that he is a man of 'strange habits and peculiarities' ... all of which she'll discover on her wedding night. This 5,000+ word story features a curvaceous and chaste bride learning loving restraint.

A BBW Victorian virgin bondage and spanking story.


Of all the times Charlotte, now Lady Meath, had imagined her wedding night, it had never been like this.

Bound to her new lord's huge bed, her arms stretched above her head and tied with soft rope to each bedpost, the same as her legs, spread wide, attached at the ankles to the unyielding brass. Her mouth was cleaved with a thick bit of white silk, now soaked with her spittle and her large breasts heaved beneath the restraint of a tight satin corset she wore at her Lord's request.

The room was silent and lit only with candles. A dim golden glow flickered throughout the sumptuous room, soft with down and silks and bright with gold brocade, the finest red velvet resplendent everywhere. Charlotte's eyes had to adjust to take in everything, even as she struggled to 'lie still like a good girl' as her new husband had asked.

ENJOY and let me know what you thought!

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