Monday, October 14, 2013

Gay Victorians and Kobo's Horrible Hypocrisy

Book 1 in my Gay Victorian Thieves Series "Thick as Thieves: The Family Jewels" is up at Amazon! It was up at Kobo, but they've decided to purge ALL self-pubbed books to rid themselves of the The Nasty Bad Horrible Icky Erotica. Barnes and Noble is said to be next.  Both my little books are GONE from Kobo.

Holy lily-livered hypocrites, Batman!  Not to mention all the YA, Fantasy, Thriller and Horror writers caught up in the wide, indiscriminate web they've cast.

So many self-published writers (like me) are trying to earn extra income during a world-wide economic slump. Many of them are women (often with families that depend on this extra money), the handicapped, minorities and the working poor. We're not drooling menaces to society, we're PEOPLE trying to put bread on the table, as well as provide some harmless entertainment.  Yeah, that's right ... harmless.

I'm not sure if anyone's told Kobo or WHSmith or the Daily Mail, but fiction is NOT REAL.  It's words on a page and like puppies in a movie, no real person has been hurt or abused during the making of this novel.

It's just another nail in the coffin of freedom for the little people here.  Hopefully, since there is actual good money involved a real self-pub site will emerge, fearless and ready to take in all the money that Kobo and B&N and, possibly Amazon is throwing away in this fit of PR hysteria.  (And thanks Smashwords, for just being you. I hope you emerge as the biggest site ever due to this nonsense.)

Oh, yeah and my new book is here[Amazon]  [Smashwords] [Barnes and Noble (while it lasts)]

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